Why You Need A Professional Portrait

You might think you don’t have any photography needs if you’re not a graduating senior or an engaged couple. However, you may not have considered the value of a professional portrait. Maybe you feel a professional portrait is not necessary or relevant for you, but this blog post will offer a few reasons why you need a professional portrait of yourself.

Add To Your Online Profiles
If you’re in a professional setting (or if you are aiming to be there one day), a professional headshot is a must for your online profiles, particularly on sites like LinkedIn. Take a look around on LinkedIn and see the types of photos that professionals use for their profile photos. You will see an assortment of homemade photos and professionally made photos. Which types of pictures give the user more credibility and legitimacy? Of course a professional photo! A professional photo shows that the individual is serious about the way in which they are portrayed; therefore they made the effort to have a nice photo taken and placed on their profiles, rather than a candid picture from their last vacation.

You Can Include It In Resumes
It’s becoming a popular idea for people to send a photo of themselves with their resumes when applying for jobs. Of course, this is definitely a situation in which you would want to include a professional photo. This is a reflection of you in which you must show potential employers that you are serious and professional. A professional portrait shows that you have made the effort to display yourself in the most relevant and appropriate manner.

Add to Your Company’s Website
If you own a company, then you likely have a website. Adding your photo to your site can give your company a more personal feel. As potential customers visit your site, seeing a photo of you and your staff humanizes the company, making those potential customers more comfortable and likely to do business with you. It’s not difficult to include photos of yourself and your staff. At Bob Harper Photo, we can come out to your location and shoot professional photos of your staff which you can easily add to an “About Us” or “Meet the Staff” page on your company’s website.

Some may say it’s important to put your best foot forward. While this is true, you should also put your best face forward! Make sure you have options to portray yourself in a professional manner when the occasion arises! If you would like to schedule a portrait session in studio or on location in Southeastern Virginia, give us a call today!

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