“Cake Smash”

Has anyone ever heard of a Cake Smash? A Cake Smash is a studio portrait session where a one year old comes in and pretty much destroys a cake. And of course, we take pictures of them having fun while doing this. So, I’m typing this blog to tell you how our very first Cake Smash went at Bob Harper Photography.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Ashly Paraham, and I’ve been working at Bob Harper Photography now for a little over four months. I am in school for photography, and I have had previous experience working at another photography studio.

When we were given this opportunity to start a Cake Smash session at the studio, I jumped all over this idea because I absolutely love kids. And to be able to take their pictures while they make a mess out of themselves, who wouldn’t want to do that? Which is one reason why Bob made me the head of this project, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Our first model to come in goes by the name Maddox (love this name, by the way). On the day of his shoot was his actually 1st birthday, which made this session that much more special, and I decorated the studio like crazy. The mother sent me a picture of what Maddox was going to wear, so I got balloons and ribbons to match the colors to the tee. We got a custom made cake just for him, courtesy of TGIHM Bakery & Confectionery, and just to let everyone know- for every Cake Smash session you book, you get a custom made cake from TGIHM Bakery & Confectionery.

So now the Pièce de Résistance, we finally got to put the cake in front of him. The whole entire time that we’ve been shooting, mom has been telling me that he is a super messy eater, so I was getting excited and ready to be able to watch him tear into this cake and take amazing shots of him. So we put the cake down, put him right behind the cake and…. He slowly breaks a piece of the cake off and tastes it, and then….. does it again, and then…..does it again, and then, well you get my point. He was so clean, and so neat while eating this cake, mom was completely baffled at this. She even exclaimed, ‘He doesn’t even eat like this at home!’

So Maddox comes in, and he is the sweetest little boy you can imagine. He was all smiles, and so cheerful. We took mom and grandma back into our dressing and had Maddox change into his birthday outfit so that we can get a few shots of him before the smashing commenced and I discovered the first thing about him…… He had to be the FASTEST baby I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, as soon as we put him down the center of the backdrop, he was right in front of me in literally one second. I think I was able to get one shot, maybe two before he got so close I couldn’t focus on him anymore. But let me tell you, with him being so smiley, we definitely got some great shots.

Of course, I know that sometimes when a baby is put on the spot like that with five different people calling his name and cheering excitedly it can get a bit confusing for them so they don’t act like they normally would. So my solution? I told my to smash his hands into the cake. What this does is, it gets the kids started and usually they realize, ‘Oh, okay I see what I can do now,’ and then they go crazy. Which is exactly what Maddox did.

At the end of the shoot, we had a thoroughly smashed cake, a very happy one year old boy (full of cake, of course, so who wouldn’t be happy), two VERY happy mom and grandma, a messy studio, and an exhausted (but as happy as the mom and grandma) photographer and assistant.

For Cake Smashes, a lot of photographer’s refuse to do them because of all the work it entails: getting a cake, photographing the child, all the moving you have to do to be able to photograph them, and the mess you have to clean up afterwards. But for me, this is the stuff I love to do. To be able to photograph a child on their 1st birthday, just having the time of their life demolishing a cake, and capturing those moments that only come once in a lifetime… this is why I became a photographer. And to see the faces of the family when they see the finished images, how can anyone not enjoy doing this?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my blog on my first Cake Smash with Bob Harper Photography. If you would love to have a Cake Smash session of your own, or know of anyone that wants one, please feel free to call the studio and we’d be more than happy to have you come in. We are offering this session at a special price, so make sure to book your session with us!

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