Reasons to get photos taken during the Holidays

Get Photos Taken During The Holidays

You might think it’s too soon to start thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, it’s really right around the corner! You know the cycle- once October rolls around, it’s basically a blink before Halloween, then suddenly it’s Thanksgiving, then it’s Christmas! It’s an exciting time of year, but very busy, nonetheless. If you’re planning to get some photos taken of your family this year, Thanksgiving might be an excellent time to do that! In today’s post, we will explain some reasons to get photos taken at Thanksgiving!

Everyone Is Together!
This is probably the main reason. If you want to get a good family photo of your immediate family and perhaps some of your extended family, chances are Thanksgiving is going to be your easiest change of getting everyone together. You’ve probably experienced trying to plan a family get together outside of a holiday. It can be difficult to work through everyone’s busy schedules! By getting photos taken at Thanksgiving, you already have your family together and don’t have to worry about finding another date that works!

Everyone Is In A Good Mood!
Do you have people in your family who can be fussy about taking pictures? Well not on Thanksgiving. Just remind them that there’s plenty of food if they participate. Otherwise, they’ll just have to go without!

Right Before The Holidays
If you’re wanting to send out photos for Christmas, you will want to give us a call and check to see how booked we are well ahead of time in order to ensure that you can get your photos ready to send out in enough time. Call us in the next few weeks and ask us what our schedule is looking like and how long it will take to turn around photos. So if you’re looking to get photos taken of your family, think about around Thanksgiving time! As always, we’re happy to help with your photo needs and are available if you have any questions!

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