Relationship Photography

Relationships are without doubt the most important—and valued—aspect of our lives. Husbands and wives, couples, families, parents and children, siblings, pets and owners—we all have people whom we treasure and honor, and it is too often that we take these priceless relationships for granted.

Each week we have clients bring in their treasured pictures of relatives or friends, sometimes long deceased, for restoration, which we gladly do. Each time we perform this service, I am moved by the importance and value placed on these pictures, and I always endeavor to create a restored image that will last another 100 years or so as part of the legacy of that family.

Too often in today’s fast-paced world, we think that professional relationship portraiture is just a luxury, that if we have captured our loved ones images on our cell phones or have them ensconced on our hard drives or on a CD/DVD, we have preserved our visual family legacy. Just a little reflection reveals the foolishness of this approach. No one really knows the true life of a CD/DVD—computers are being delivered today without the drives to read them. Will the Cloud always be there as a repository of treasured images?

The best way to preserve visual family legacy is to have a professional portrait created that showcases the relationships we cherish. Then, print, frame, and display it, so the emotional connection to those you hold so dear will be an experience you get to have every day.

My passion is to capture the characters and personalities within these sacred relationships, and give you a place to reflect on them, for many years to come. Please call us to discuss your legacy portrait today.

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