Executive Portraits

As we begin the New Year, it is an optimal time to review where we stand in our businesses and look at our objectives for 2016. One important facet of this analysis is examining how we are presenting ourselves to the business world and to existing and potential clients. Usually, our executive portrait will play a starring role in this endeavor.

Take a look at your existing executive portrait. Does it represent who you are in your professional life? Does it project the confidence you are feeling as the New Year begins? Does it show you as someone who is approachable and open for business?

Roughly 65% of all our communication with others is non-verbal, so our body language and expression set the tone and tenor of our business relationships. In an executive portrait, of course, 100% of the communication is non-verbal, so it all the more important to make sure it represents us appropriately.

What differentiates a picture from a portrait is purpose. At BHP, we work with you to insure your executive portrait fulfills your business purpose in every facet. Your session with us may last 15 minutes or an hour and a half, sometimes longer. But, we guarantee that you will not leave our studio until we have accomplished what we set out—together—to achieve in regards to representing you and who you are in your business.

Following your photography session, I will work with you to select that one image that accomplishes our purpose. I will then enhance that image so it presents you to your business world in an appropriate manner. Our deliverable to you is a professional created executive portrait in high resolution for printing in your marketing materials and a low resolution version for use in Linkedin, your website, and other social media. We also include a small color reference print so you can be certain that whoever prints your executive portrait for marketing purposes is able to see the correct color and print density.

Give us a call to schedule your executive portrait soonest and best of luck in the New Year!

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