Four Legged Family Members

We all love our four-legged family members! My brother and I have two of these four-legged family members, Mosby and Gabe, who also happen to be brothers! Pets add so much to our lives here on Earth, and it is unfortunate that their lifespans are so short in comparison to ours. I guess God intended for us to experience the unconditional love of many of His four-legged creatures, so we will live with that as a philosophy. Maybe we will know the answer to that question one day!

At any rate, one of the ways to honor those wonderful creatures who have blessed our lives is for us to create lovely, unique works of art to forever be part of your family memories. Below are three images—from camera capture, to background change, to finished portrait. This finished portrait will be presented on canvas with added oil color treatments for a truly beautiful portrait. Let us know if we may assist you in honoring your four-legged relationships!

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