What are Bob Harper Portraits?

The purpose of this blog post is to explain a little more about our business. I want people to know what we do at Bob Harper Photography. We focus our efforts, skills, and talents on creating outstanding portraiture, creating for families and individuals portraits that become important elements of a family’s visual legacy. Our aim is for our portraits to grace the walls of homes long after we have photographed our final client. For Bob Harper Photography, the culmination of our art is the print, beautifully presented, properly sized, and exquisitely framed.

We attract people to our studio who value and appreciate photographic art. That is not everyone. For some people, having a digital image on a cell phone is all that is desired. People with this view are not potential clients of Bob Harper Photography. We do everything possible to insure our clients value our work as investment worthy.

We consult with our clients before the photography session to determine the desired look of the finished piece—formal, informal, casual, where the portrait is to be displayed in the home, the ages and personalities of the people to be photographed, and why—the most important question of all. It is in knowing the reason why a client has chosen to have a portrait created that allows us to use our art to fulfill the client’s wishes for the finished portrait.

A typical portrait experience involves the pre-session consultation, the photography session, image review and selection, portrait creation, and portrait delivery. Most of our photography sessions are conducted here in our studio, but we also frequently go to a client chosen location outside the studio.

We are known for classic portraiture that is timeless and elegant. We generally use mid-key to low-key backgrounds, beautiful lighting, and pleasant, thoughtful expressions. We encourage our clients to wear clothing that is simple and classic. We use few props except those that enhance the classical posing of our subjects.

When should one consider commissioning one of our portraits? We suggest that times of transition for families, couples, and individuals are excellent times to have this done. When we send off one of our children to college, for example, the family is forever changed in some manner.

We offer three kinds of Bob Harper Portraits:
1. Classic American Portraits (color)
2. Classic Black and White Portraits
3. Relationship Black and White Portraits

Our Classic American Portraits are meant to showcase and document the relationships within families and couples and the character of individuals. The styling, the clothing, the posing, the lighting—all contribute to the desired outcome. These portraits offer a glimpse of our subjects at a particular moment in time. Classic American Portraits are created from photography sessions here in our studio or on location at a favorite place. These portraits are created in color and may be presented as traditional portraits on fine art photographic paper, on canvas, or digitally painted and then presented on canvas with added hand-applied brush strokes and oil/acrylic colors—our Modern Masterpiece line. Our most popular treatment of our Classic American Portraits is on canvas, our Signature Canvas line. These are beautiful pieces on fine art Giclee’ canvas with stunning colors and detail. Every one of our Classic American Portraits is meant to be a treasured family heirloom for generations.

classic american

Classic American Portrait

Our Classic Black and White Portraits are designed from the outset to be a stunning monochromatic black and white image. The clothing is chosen deliberately to render a tonality that compliments the skin tones and brings attention to the subjects’ expressions. The background, posing, and lighting add visual harmony to the captured image. After capture, the image is brought into software that enhances the density and depth prior to printing on special fine art Giclee’ paper that renders the very best, most outstanding black and white portrait possible.

modern masterpiece

Modern Masterpiece Portrait

Relationship Black and White portraits are most often designed around couples or parents and children. Session design begins in a similar fashion to our Classic Black and White Portraits. However, the posing and lighting are even more refined to concentrate on the relationship between the subjects. Relationship Black and White Portraits are perfect for couples celebrating an anniversary or a romantic holiday. These portraits are enhanced through the post production process and printed on beautiful fine art media in a square format.

black and white

Classic Black & White Portrait

Custom framing is included in our pricing. We use only the very best frames available anywhere.

There is no fee for a studio session; only for location sessions do we charge a small fee.

We accept all credit cards and have convenient payment plans.

Contact us today to discuss your portrait desires.


Bob Harper Photography, LLC.

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