Preserving Visual Family and Business Legacy


Do you have family or business photographs and documents that you want to preserve for future generations? Most of us do, and most of us have no idea how to start amassing and selecting those items that are worthy of preservation. Moreover, assuming we get a handle on that aspect, what then do we do with the items we want future generations to see and value?

We may believe that we can scan and digitize these documents and protect them forever. That may not be so, for digital files have a lifespan. They tend to deteriorate over time and may only last 3-5 years. In addition, where should a digital legacy collection be placed so others can locate it when the time comes? Generally, physical prints of precious images have a far greater chance of being preserved far into the future than digital files. However, all the items we wish to preserve—especially for businesses—may not be original photographs.

Consider us at Bob Harper Photography your experts in preservation of memories. We can assist you with this process from start to finish. Call us today at 757-785-9146 to schedule an appointment to go over your preservation requirements.

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