Legacy Portraits

Our mission at Bob Harper Photography is to assist our clients in preserving family legacy. All of our portraits are completed and priced as fine art. What that means to our clients is ownership of a piece of art that celebrates, honors, and showcases the people most deserving—our families.

Displaying a fine art portrait of our family members in our home delivers the message to our children and grandchildren, friends, and neighbors of what we hold most dear. This simple act also plants the seed for younger family members to do likewise, thus perpetuating a family’s visual legacy for many generations to come.

We are entering the Springtime, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day–great times to gather our families and have us create that classic, legacy portrait for you here in our studio.

As I heard a fellow photographer say recently, “There are only two times to have a professional portrait done–now and when it is too late.”

Please contact us so we can do this for you.

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