Thoughts on Preserving Our Legacy

As we begin the springtime of the year and the rebirth and promises of this season, I am reminded of the great spiritual, “This Little Light of Mine.” This wonderful song asks us to let our little light shine wherever possible, and one of the most important places for our light to shine is within our most cherished relationships.

Let me ask you: How do you want to remember this time in the life of your family and in your loving relationships? More importantly, how do you want your children, grandchildren, spouses, and partners to recall this period in their lives?

At Harper Legacy Portraits, we can help you with this. In the most direct, efficient, and least bothersome manner, we will create for you one of our fine art masterpiece portraits to commemorate this time in your life, honor those you care the most about, and make that irrevocable statement of what is most dear to you. From start to finish, the process consumes about two months. At the end, you will have a beautiful fine art legacy portrait; properly finished, properly sized, and properly presented, to grace your walls for all time and destined to become a priceless heirloom for future generations. The longevity of our line of exquisite fine art portraits exceeds 100 years, offering the opportunity for younger generations to appreciate the love and closeness that contributed to who they are. The positive messages that your fine art legacy portrait will convey are immeasurable.

There are other benefits to owning one of our fine art legacy portraits. Studies have shown that children have increased self-esteem and confidence when they are able to visually connect with where they fit in the family structure. This adds to their sense of belonging and imparts to them a feeling of security. Future generations, drawing from your example, are also much more likely to create family legacy portraits for their family units, establishing the long lines of a visual ancestry that will last after you have gone to your reward.

This is the time to do this. Mothers Day and Fathers Day are great opportunities to reflect on the blessing of family and relationships. And, as we gather during this season to honor parentage, the opportunity to begin our process for a fine art legacy portrait is present. We would love to help you do this. I encourage you to call us and get on our schedule for this busiest time of our Studio year.

Tomorrow is promised to no one—we have all heard this many, many times. Yet, it is true! Do this now! You—and your children–will be forever glad you did.

Bob Harper—Harper Legacy Portraits
Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer,
Vice President, Virginia Professional Photographers Association,

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